Impact of Citizenship programme

Publication Type: Journal

Commissioned by: Journal of Experimental Criminology, published online 15 September 2010

Principal Investigator/lead organisation:

In collaboration with: Dominic Pearson, Cynthia McDougall, Mona Kanaan, Roger Bowles and David Torgerson

‘Citizenship’ is a structured supervision programme based on ‘What Works’ principles, designed for offenders on Orders or Licences supervised by the UK National Probation Service.  The programme was evaluated using survival analysis comparing the reconvictions of a cohort of all offenders in one Probation Area eligible for ‘Citizenship’ over a two-year period (n=3,819) with those of a retrospective cohort of all eligible offenders in the same Probation Area receiving ‘standard’ probation supervision (n=2,110), controlling for risk related factors.  At the two year stage, 50% of offenders in the comparison group had re-offended compared with 41% in the experimental group, and the difference between the survival curves was statistically significant.  The hazard ratio was 0.69, which represents a 31% reduction in reconvictions in the experimental group over the proportion in the comparison group at any given time.  Time to breach of an Order or Licence was also statistically significantly longer.