EC Mainstreaming Methodology project (MMECC)

Publication Type: Current Project

Commissioned by: European Commission

Principal Investigator/lead organisation: Roger Bowles

In collaboration with: 2 US researchers plus colleagues from several EU member states


 The principal output can be viewed on the project website: 


MMECC was a Coordination Action funded by the EC as part of the Sixth Framework Programme.  Based at CCJEP in York, it ran for two years (January 07 – December 08) and brought together leading academics and policy makers from across the EU working in the costs of crime area, along with invited experts from the US. The objectives of the project were to:

·         extend awareness of the methodology for estimating the costs of crime

·         increase capacity across the EU for applying the methodology

·         encourage criminal justice policy makers across the EU to make greater use of the methodology

·         demonstrate how cost of crime estimates can be combined with effectiveness studies to:

o   improve the evidence base for criminal justice policy making

o   improve the quality of project appraisal in the criminal justice sphere

o   improve the quality of cost effectiveness and cost benefit analyses of criminal justice projects and programmes